Welcome to Autonomic testing !

This site is devoted to autonomic and sensory small fiber testing. In general, autonomic and sensory small fiber testing can be helpful in evaluation of :

  1. Unexplained dizziness;
  2. Chronic fatigue;
  3. Chronic pain;
  4. Signs of gastrointestinal, urinary or sexual dysfunction. 

How to prepare for the testing

The following should be avoided:

  • Drinking alcohol the day before testing;
  • Smoking, drinking cofee or drinking any coffeinated beverages several hours before the testing;
  • Use any lotion at legs and arms at the day of testing.

Please bring list of all medications to the testing laboratory.

The testing takes about 1 hour.

The followig tests are usually done:

  1. Deep breathing;
  2. Valsalva maneuver;
  3. Tilt test;
  4. Skin biopsy.

More detailed descripion of the test can be found in this video.